i like to give Socrates a southern accent when i read some of the things he’s written. one thick like molasses. think Foghorn Leghorn. it gives him a bit of charm, like i’m listening to Frank Underwood speak. makes it less boring.


  • i feel like i just killed my homework assignment and i’m having a beer to celebrate my potential success (even though i was gonna have a beer anyway, probably)
  • i cooked with chard tonight for the first time and didn’t fuck it up
  • my birthday is like a week and a half away and i havent really started to think about how i’d like to celebrate it. atlanta is on my list of possibles.
  • i spent 6+ hours in Brooklyn on Saturday and i’m still feeling very (insert heart eyes emoji) about the whole experience

according to supercook.com, there are 4,189 different recipes that i can make with the ingredients that i have in my kitchen.


that shit is news to me.


Color Creative feat. Wandy Rafaela

"I met Wandy for the first time in the middle of a sweltering August afternoon. I was waiting for her in the middle of the Boston Common, and just as my thighs were beginning to stick to the wooden bench and sweat coalesced at my temples, she arrived like a cool breeze, all smiles and full of bright, brilliant light. While we had been following one another via Tumblr for nearly a year, her presence was all the the more arresting in-person; with her striking and inquisitive eyes, and easy-smile, I couldn’t help but to feel as though I was reuniting with an old friend who I had known for years.

Nearly a month later, after finally getting Signed-Isabelle up and running, I got around to interviewing Wandy about her work and artistic vision. 

Please check out my latest post on Signed-Isabelle.com, “Color Creative feat. Wandy Rafaela.” Color Creative is a bi-monthly feature on women artists of color, which serves to uplift and highlight the artistic work and experiences of the women featured.  Wandy Rafaela, the artist of this month, is an absolutely incredible soul with a real talent for photography. Please check this blog post out!


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Islands (in collaboration with Suniko)

story time: we were going to peel this sweet potato because we were going to cook it, but it’s been growing. We then took it and said “if we had a pastel background, it’d be so ‘tumblr’”. I proceeded to place the sweet potato on my head and it created its own concept. 
I honestly can’t even believe this, but I really do like this concept of an island on my sea (hair). 


by shirin neshat

ignorance was bliss.

my mom think she cool.

it’s kinda weird watching some of yall (those i’ve been following for years) grow and mature through the dashboard of this here blogging website.

just got out of my art history class. i’m not sure if i like art. the professor asked “what is art?” and everyone shrugged and she’s like “exactly!”

also ,some of the other students really seem to have it all figured out, which is always discouraging. one girl said she had plans to major in “scientific sculpture”? i’m not sure what that is but it sounds to be…of use. i want to do something useful.