how diverse is the staff over at marvel, though? how many women writers/illustrators? how many people of color? are we sure this isn’t just white men capitalizing off of our lack of representation? are there receipts available? 

the day was going fine and then all of the women i work with got in a little argument over each other not doing their job and such. it all happened so suddenly. they were all mad at each other and being silent so to break the tension i said “well, looks like the day has taken a turn for the worst.” in like a movie announcer voice.

now everyone is mad at me


Sheperd Fairey's page in the very necessary Police Brutality Coloring Book.


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i can’t tell if everyone else is lame as hell or if it is in fact me who is lame as hell. obviously the latter would be the most logical answer but the truth is it’s a lifelong mystery

turntechgoddesshead asked: what kind of drugs have you done???

i don’t recall

Anonymous asked: i'm very proud of you, drew. keep going.

the fact that there’s like a 55% chance that this is my mom makes me a little sad but thank you anon

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Title: Voodoo Man Artist: Jay Electronica 50 plays

jay electronica :: voodoo man

Jay Electronica, Voodoo Man

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