good ju-ju.

Sep 10


Sep 09

ignorance was bliss.

Sep 06


Sep 04

it’s kinda weird watching some of yall (those i’ve been following for years) grow and mature through the dashboard of this here blogging website.

Sep 03

just got out of my art history class. i’m not sure if i like art. the professor asked “what is art?” and everyone shrugged and she’s like “exactly!”

also ,some of the other students really seem to have it all figured out, which is always discouraging. one girl said she had plans to major in “scientific sculpture”? i’m not sure what that is but it sounds to be…of use. i want to do something useful.

Sep 01

Aug 29

in this hot nigga song bobby shmurda says “i been selling crack since like the 5th grade”

think about the person you were when you were in the fifth grade. could that person sell crack?

when i walked into work today, i saw a guy who looked like action bronson sitting at the bar. i went to the back to hang my jacket up and i thought to myself “what the fuck would i even say to action bronson if he was sitting at the bar?” the first couple things that came to mind were to compliment him on the easy rider video, because i enjoyed it. and to ask him why the hell he was eating airport food. i know he knows food and anyone who knows food knows that airport food is the fucking worst. i’d question his poor decision. when i got back to the bar it ended up not being action bronson but some other fat white bearded dude with precious hair. i was kinda relieved. 

also, president obama completely fucked me over today. he flew into our airport and when the president flies in, all air traffic is restricted in the area for an hour. so the bar became packed with people pissed off that their flights were unexpectedly delayed for an hour and i’m not the biggest fan of dealing with cranky ass white people.

i don’t think i’d ask obama anything if i ever met him.

everything’s ok.

Aug 28